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We provide IT call service in SURAT


TETAPOSE provides best in the class Call Service Packages. And Call Service Packages provided by TETAPOSE are cost-effective and fast. So if you have any technical problem or you need experts’ advice or want to upgrade your existing system don’t worry just contact TETAPOSE and select best package you want. We will be at your place in no time to solve your problems.

Desktop & Normal Printer Call

TETAPOSE provides troubleshooting and issue resolution on desktop/laptop/printer hardware and software. TETAPOSE will acts as your Technical robot.

1. Standard software installation
2. PC/Laptop formatting
3. Printer installation and troubleshooting
4. PC/ Laptop hang problem
5. New hardware setup & installation
6. Hardware repair and/or replacement support as per rules

Network Call

TETAPOSE provides deployment of network connectivity throughout the company and troubleshooting of the same. TETAPOSE provides network printer installation, Wi-Fi setup throughout company, fiber cable splicing and troubleshooting by OTDR.

1. Wi-Fi setup & troubleshooting
2. LAN setup & troubleshooting
3. Network printer setup & troubleshooting
4. Fiber cable management (Splicing, OTDR)
5. WAN troubleshooting
6. Firewall configuration
7. Router configuration
8. New hardware setup & installation
9. Hardware repair and/or replacement support as per rules

Server Call

TETAPOSE will help configure your server as you need and how you need. TETAPOSE provide server role configuration and server OS installation.

1. Server OS installation
2. Server role configuration
3. Server application troubleshooting
4. Hardware repair and/or replacement support as per rules

Up-Gradation / Migration Call

TETAPOSE provides up-gradation of your existing technology and migration from older OS to new OS and from normal network to domain network

1. Technology Up-Gradation, which includes replacement of old hardware to new hardware
2. OS migration, which includes migration of lower version OS to higher version of OS
3. Domain migration, which includes migration of normal network to domain secure network
4. Hardware repair and/or replacement support as per rules

Technical Advisory Call

TETAPOSE provides technical advisory service to clients in which TETAPOSE can help client to select, plan and deploy best technology and how to make it cost-effective. TETAPOSE provide free of cost technical advice for technology setup. Just drop us an E-mail at

TETAPOSE Provide Free of Cost Technical Advice for Technology Setup

Just Drop Us an E-Mail on

TETAPOSE makes it easier to stay ahead